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Themes and Series Group


This group is for those who are interested in producing a set of images to express an idea of their own choosing. This might be with the aim of mounting an exhibition, producing a book, or simply for personal challenge or pleasure.

The group meets of a Tuesday afternoon on an irregular basis to share the progress of their work.

If this group sounds of interest to you and you would like to know more, speak with a member of the group.


Next Meeting: 
During “lock-down”, meetings are conducted via the group’s private Facebook page and Zoom meetings.

Next virtual meeting: Tuesday 30 March 2021.

Next theme challenge.  North, South, East, West


2021 Meetings

February Meeting

Six members of the group met via Zoom on Tuesday 16 February. All six had contributed images to our Facebook page beforehand.

Ean’s images again relied on post processing to very good effect. The transposition of shadow and reality in the portrait was particularly clever and disconcerting.

Kay returned to some b&w negatives from a trip to Japan in 1977 and presented images of children at play in tones that suggested the hazy mists of time.

June photographed the shadows of a French rose against the pages of an open book of plays by the French playwright Moliere.

Judy M. shared some wonderful shadows from an earlier trip to Africa. She added others more current including a piece of twisted wire and its shadow.

Peggy’s images were mainly of shadows in the playground. Her granddaughter is a willing participant.

Bev took all of hers within the confines of her patio and driveway finding some good variety there. She had us tricked with the shadow patterns created by a non-slip bathmat drying on a wire chair.  

January Meeting

Five of the group met by Zoom on Tuesday 12 January 2021 to discuss six albums presented on the theme Geometric. Unfortunately Judy D. and June were unable to join in that afternoon.

Ean had created seven interesting images. All had a good deal of excellent post production using layers, distortion, altering colour or removing certain elements.

Judy M succeeded in her aim of making all her shapes symmetrical. She mixed some wonderful details of architecture from past travels with household items, plant life and a very obliging lizard.

Kay mixed lines and shapes from around the building and included a couple discovered in Christmas decorations.

Bev included a mixture, deeming some pretty and others ugly, although some disputed her view of ugly. The way she had presented the shapes of electricity pylons didn’t make particularly ugly images.

Peggy shared some shapes found during the past month: at home, in the playground with her young granddaughter and at Chelsea beach. A summary of her present life.

And June shared geometric shapes found in household objects and daisies, along with others she’d created arranging similarly coloured buttons on a sheet of paper she had first decorated with a winding pencil line.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what emerges as we each consider the next theme Shadow Play.


2020 Meetings

November Meeting

The DCC Themes &Series group met virtually on Tuesday 17 November, 2020, having first posted their relaxation images on our group’s Facebook page. The theme challenge this time was Relaxation.

Seven members contributed images but only six participated in the meeting.

It’s obvious that walking in the natural environment, especially by water, is a popular way to relax. But there were a variety of interpretations of the theme.

Judy M had a bushland setting, a couple of people walking along a track, a very relaxed cat, and a beautiful tranquil scene from one of her previous overseas trips.

Kay has been playing with the collage making function of an app on her Android device. Her multiple images depicted Happy Hour, a couple of relaxing garden combinations, and a study of clouds in Cloud Gazing.

Ean put together a very imaginative series. Monochromatic iPhone photos of his legs and feet as he appeared to relax throughout the day. On his bed at 8 a.m., at the beach at 1 p.m., back home on the couch at 3, catching up on Facebook at 4, and in bed and under the covers by 9.

Bev finds that walking by the river is relaxing, looking at the ever-changing patterns created by reflections, and seeing ducks and ducklings, and a kangaroo resting in the shade. She also included a photo of a grinning Carl in an old Pier to Pub t-shirt showing off a fine collection of craft beers.

June, who is an artist as well as a photographer, used some of her paintings and drawings as backgrounds to a relaxing cup of tea. She also finds relaxation in the process of making her artworks so these photos included art materials along with the tea and biscuits. Other photos included open art books beside roses from her garden.

Peggy is another who finds her walks a form of relaxation. Her set included trees, water, wildflowers and ducks.

Judy D’s images showed people relaxing in a variety of places, everything from her grandson reclining on a pink inflatable feathered friend in a backyard pool, to strangers seen in a variety of overseas locations on her pre-COVID travels.

We set the next target date for Tuesday 12 January, 2021. The theme challenge is Geometric. Depending on which dictionary you consult you can find many ways of defining the word but basically using shapes such as squares, circles and triangles in the design of the image covers it. Although if you start searching (or remembering your school days) you’ll see that these are only a few of the possible shapes.

October Meeting

Our theme challenge was Light. Of course photography is by definition Writing with light but the challenge was to make Light or lightness the main focus of the image.

It was pleasing to see the great variety of ways that members had interpreted the challenge. It was also good to see that so many had taken their images especially for this theme within the confines of their homes or 5 km radius.

 All 9 members contributed images to the Facebook page and 7 of us joined together and contributed to the discussion by Zoom which was once again ably hosted by Ean.

 Judy D had a selection of images. A child’s drawing of a birthday cake and candles with balloons floating above it. A light feather, the lightness of a dandelion clock, a lit lamp and some Lite milk. Her image of the milk being quickly poured was particularly effective.

Les showed us a wonderful selection of Christmas lights taken in Geelong. He finished his selection with a black and orange sunset.

Val had a rainbow, some lovely sunsets, garden lights and a night light.

Bev has some beautiful leadlight panels in her house. She used backlighting and side lighting on plants, the reflected light of a sunset in the eastern sky. And her “feather light” turned out to be the seedhead of an everlasting.

Kay showed blinds excluding the afternoon light and the light coming into the building, some light reflected from leaves, upholstery and a wooden door, and strong sunlight casting shadows.

 Peggy had some beautifully light clouds, light creeping through a crack in the door, light reflected on the shiny surfaces of a car and the top of a metal rubbish bin, reflected from a sequined bag, cast through a glass, and backlighting a plastic toy.

 June shared of view of her garden light seen through the holes in a monstera leaf. And she had some beautiful patterns cast as light came through cut crystal.

Ean had photographed a striking streak of light down the side of the building not far from his home and he created his other images using candle or sparkler light. He layered some of these images to create an even more interesting effect.

 And Judy M had Spring light on a number of plants, light through the trees on her morning walk, the reflections of light through a soap bubble floating in the air, and she had also played around with filters introducing new light to older images to good effect.


August Meeting

The group met virtually via Zoom on Tuesday 25 August. Many thanks to Ean for hosting the event. Members had posted their images to the Facebook page prior to that date. During the Zoom meeting Ean showed each album and we discussed each set and individual image.

Seven members were present during the meeting and eight had contributed albums. The theme challenge was Pick a Colour.

Two members chose pink as their feature colour but the results were different.

JUDY M’s SHADES OF PINK showed delicate pink flowers and some patterned cloth.  

LES in his PINK album had flowers generally of a bolder nature, especially the camellia flowers filling the frame.

KAY chose BLUE and photographed various pieces of equipment and upholstered items.

EAN photographed his vibrant shiny RED kitchen appliances and a large feature piece. His images were taken against a white background and were in the style of advertising product shots.

BEV’s GREEN album focused on tiny plants: mosses and wild flowers and a garden flower.

For VAL’s AUTUMN tones she photographed the deciduous trees in her garden and a beautiful orange coloured Banksia.

PEGGY’s GREY images were eminently suitable to the climate and mood of the times.

JUNE’s YELLOW focused on flowers in her garden, daffodils and daisies. She had some muted yellow flowers as a backdrop to raindrops and also a striking array of art supplies and books along with a bright yellow toy.

JUDY D contributed to the discussion and has promised to have images to share next time.

Our next Zoom meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th of September, 2 to 4pm and EAN has agreed to host it again. Albums of images should be posted to the Facebook page prior to that date. The theme challenge this time is Light.  


July Meeting

Our theme challenge for 14 July was Looking Out. It was heartening to have all group members contributing sets of images this time. Many thanks to Bev who organised it so that we could see selections from Val and Les.

Judy M. shared two sets. Looking Back featured some old things, perhaps from an outdoor museum. The other included Looking Out, Looking Up and Looking Through.

Kay posted two albums. The first showed views looking out from inside through glass doors and windows. The other the variety of views looking out through the perimeter fence, including two triptyches made from some of these views.

 June pointed out that she had first cleaned her kitchen window inside and out so we had a clear view of some raindrops on roses, and more muted views of the carport through partially open Venetian blinds. One paired that muted view with a stained glass door to good effect.

Peggy’s set featured the scene through her kitchen window which she told us she hadn’t cleaned on the outside because of its inaccessible height!  So we saw just what she sees looking out mostly skywards.

Judy D. shared some scenes looking out on rural landscapes with one scene framed by a roofless Gothic window. In another we saw a caravan. Another was enriched by being taken through the mesh of a fly wire screen. 

Bev decided to look out from her patio. She has some beautiful birds visit her garden and the garden next door.

Les also featured birds (in one case birds and a rainbow) along with some sea views.

Val shared a mixture of lookouts she had visited and plants outside her windows, along with a group of magpies waiting to be fed.

Ean posed the question “Am I feeling a bit dark and gloomy in lockdown?” and shared some low light images.

Next Theme Challenge: Pick a Colour.

Due Date: Tuesday 25 August 2020.

The aim is to choose one single colour and feature it as the dominant focus of a group of images. More than one album per person is acceptable with each album focused on a different colour.




June Meeting

The challenge this time, recognising that we were all Staying Home, was to prepare a set of images titled My Garden Path and post them as an album on our private Facebook group page.

  • Judy M.’s set included views of corners of her garden, a grass flower, twining tendrils, pond weed, and mushrooms.
  • June doesn’t have a garden path so she found images on her driveway: studies of a citriodora, nuts, seeds and leaves on the drive below it, raindrops and shadows.
  • Kay has access to a longer path than most. She photographed the path, shadows, snail trails, plants, mushrooms and two garden seats –  one weathered and the other recently restored by the maintenance team.
  • Bev has a Tree Dahlia that she photographed from different angles and at different exposures, culminating in a high key view of a single flower. She also showed us some of the other beautiful flowers in her garden.
  • Ean gave us 3 glimpses of his back courtyard. A green leafy plant, trained in a repeating hollow diamond pattern across the fence was a great feature.
  • Peggy’s path is a work in progress at the moment. The weeds overtaking the brickwork, crisscrossed by shadows make a worthwhile image, though. We saw various sections of the path and the tools she is using.

Images from the June 2020 meeting………….

Weathered seat by Kay

Citriodora by June

Restored by Seat by Kay

Raindrops by June

Peggy 02 by Peggy

Peggy 01 by Peggy

Bev01 by Bev

Garden2 by Judy

Bev02 by Bev

Garden1 by Judy














April Meeting

As our venue is subject to lockdown and all members are complying with the stay at home rules we are currently meeting in a private Facebook group. Unfortunately this caters only for the 7 of our group of 9 who have internet access.

The FB group commenced on 24 March with the invitation to members to post a themed album by the date scheduled for our next meeting. In the meantime posting single images and commenting on images as they are presented is encouraged to maintain the connection with others.

All 7 have joined the group and 6 have posted at least 2 images. The 4 who managed an album of abstracts by 21 April were:

  • KAY with a set of found abstract shapes and patterns taken in and around The Lodge.
  • JUDY M. who shared some lovely abstracts from her past world travels.
  • BEV had a couple of photos of ice patterns, some abstracts created from the leaf edges of a plant, and some really intricate tunnelling in wood courtesy of a grub.
  • PEGGY’s set  included shadows, rising sun on a roof, broken concrete, and two versions of Ralph’s boxes of photos – their edges lit by daylight and by torchlight.

As we are all confined to home the next theme challenge is My Garden Path. The aim is to look afresh at the path itself or what can be seen from the path. Target date for posting an album is June 02.

A few images from the meeting.  Click on the photo to see the full details……..


March Meeting

Meeting 10 March, 2020

With apologies from Peggy, we had 8 present at this meeting.

The theme challenge was “A different way of seeing” and all had accepted the challenge this time.

JUNE had photographed her orchid from different angles, setting her camera to Art mode. This altered the colour. She presented her images in a different way, slicing them and spacing the pieces on the page.

JUDY M. showed us a variety of ways of looking at trees, a flowering cactus, and a beach shack at Mornington. In one of her tree photos she had used the technique of panoramic stitching on the vertical rather than the horizontal plane. This meant we saw the entire tree trunk up close.

LES photographed a number of scenes looking up or down at them. These were presented variously in landscape or portrait format. He also included a photo of Val standing next to a rose growing on a single thorny stem almost as tall as her.

VAL shared some reflections of trees in puddles. Looking down. These were taken some time ago on their usual morning walk, before the path was remade to be less prone to collecting puddles.

EAN has been restoring old family portraits to give them a new lease of life. The example he showed of a hand coloured image of his great grandmother in which the colours had run, alongside the state he has achieved so far, was much admired.

BEV had a collection of reflections and distortions of self.

JUDY D. put together a set of aerial photography taken on her travels. A mix of landscape and urban images.  

KAY called her images Selfies sans self. These were taken on her Samsung tablet as it rested on her knees, the inbuilt camera set to selfie mode, but keeping herself out of the picture.

The meeting concluded with the usual afternoon tea and chat.

Our next meeting is planned for Tuesday 21 April, 2 to 4 p.m. at Melaleuca Lodge. Theme Challenge: Abstract.   

January Meeting

Meeting held at Melaleuca Lodge 21 January, 2020.

Present: Kay, Judy M., Judy D., Bev, June, Val and Les.

Apologies: Peggy and Ean.

KAY had one image for the Freedom challenge and a set of photos of Busy Hands.

JUDY M. had collected a number of images depicting Freedom: feet,  bicycles, birds, insects, etc.

JUNE caught up with the earlier Every Day theme by photographing the weeds in her large garden that she has to deal with every day. Her photos made them look more beautiful than the problem they are for her. She’d also illustrated Freedom with a series of images of of the clouds that move freely in the ever-changing sky at Uluru.

BEV had a collection of 15 images of floating seaweed, taken on her phone camera and mounted together.  She also shared the book of her latest trip. Many wonderful images from Antarctica.

VAL showed us an album of sky pictures, each one teamed with a line of a poem she had written.

As usual we concluded with plenty of discussion and enjoyed afternoon tea together.

Next meeting is planned for Tuesday 10 March, 2 – 4 p.m. at Melaleuca Lodge.

The theme challenge is A different way of seeing. Members will try to present their subjects from a new angle or in a different way.


2019 Meetings

November Meeting

Report of T&S Meeting 26 November 2019

Six of us met at Melaleuca Lodge, receiving apologies from June and Ean.

BEV has continued with her project of documenting the native flora on the block near Ballarat. So far she has, along with other family members who have been infected by her enthusiasm, photographed and identified over 30 species of flowers. She is expecting to add more but is now adding varieties of fungi, lichen, moss and insects to her album.

JUDY has recently spent some time further afield so she presented a large page labelled Every Day in the Amazon Rainforest. On this she’d printed a set of really interesting shots, both long and close views of the rainforest.

Peggy, Val and Les had no new work to show but

LES brought the album he made last year in response to the alphabet challenge. Some of us hadn’t seen all of these earlier. He’d found not only predictable examples like Lion and Umbrella but also Qwerty keyboard and eXtremely high water level.

VAL had the album she’s put together of their beautiful garden taken before and after its makeover. These included photos of flowers and foliage and the many creatures that frequent the place. Some are ornamental, but there are so many live birds and also a frog. 

KAY shared a booklet containing captioned photos giving her view of Every Day in Aged Care. She has also used this series in the APS Contemporary Group so you can see them in the November issue of the on-line magazine Free Expressions.

The next get together is planned for Tuesday 21 January 2020 at Melaleuca Lodge. The new theme challenge is Freedom.  But those who prefer to catch up with Every Day or any self-initiated project are as always very welcome.

October Meeting

The group met again on Tuesday 15 October at Melaleuca Lodge with 8 in attendance.

 The 4 who had attended the last meeting brought the work they had shown then to share with those who had not seen it. In addition the following new work was seen by all.

KAY had a Power Point presentation titled Brain Teasers. A series of riddles about things found in the kitchen. Each riddle was followed by a photo of the object described.

BEV has a series of images of the small native plants she has discovered on her daughter’s 5 acre block near Ballarat. These included greenhoods, sundews and a close-up of moss.

JUNE spent some time recently photographing the fascinating old buildings along Bridge Road, Richmond. She also supplemented our focus on kitchens by showing us the purple carrot she bought today and was planning to sample. This brought mixed reactions as a  food item but all agreed she should photograph the cut surface before eating it.

JUDY took a series of images in her kitchen including a tidy cutlery drawer, vase of flowers on the window ledge, and another of a beautiful king parrot peering in through the window. With each print she had experimented with some new Topaz filters and also a range of different printing papers.

EAN shared a photo on his phone. A close-up of a daddy long legs spider that visited his kitchen. The background of white crockery set the delicate legs off to advantage.

PEGGY’S kitchen series included grated vegetables, various stages of baking afternoon tea snacks, and items sorted for recycling.

LES’S contribution was to print Val’s photos.

VAL shared some new views of her garden and her bonsai. All looking very beautiful.

September Meeting

Only 4 members were able to attend but we had a good afternoon.

LES told us of his printer problems and described the images he had planned to take. (Next time,  Les.)

Fortunately the printer was running again in time to print VAL’s. She had collected a number of the small plastic giveaways from her local supermarket, miniatures of items found in her kitchen, laundry and bathroom. She photographed each one with the life sized product it represented. The giveaways are really miniature.

JUNE had a set of images of food. We thought she must be a marvellous cook until she let us into the secret. She had photographed the illustrations in a recipe book on a very oblique angle so that they were slightly distorted. These were further distorted as reflections in part of the saucepan arranged behind them.

KAY had not found time to follow through her planned response to the kitchen theme. It was to be a Power Point presentation. But there were some delays in installing the program. However she managed to get some of her recent photos taken in and around The Lodge into a very quick first trial of the new program. Six of these that she’d sent away for printing finally arrived about an hour prior to the meeting so we were able to see these as well.  

We then enjoyed afternoon tea and a general chat.

July Meeting

The Themes & Series group met on Tuesday afternoon,  30 July at Melaleuca Lodge. Kay has been able to organise a good meeting room there so that she can participate once again. 
  • LES shared a set of photos he had taken on Millionaires Walk, Sorrento,  concentrating mostly on sea views and private jetties.
  • VAL showed us proof of the complicated jigsaws she has managed to complete lately, along with a beautiful collection of studies of wave patterns on the back beach at Sorrento, and at Ocean Grove. 
  • JUNE had a book in which she is putting together images from a trip to the Red Centre … Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Great landscapes and her usual finish in the presentation. She also showed some of the greeting cards she has made with selected views from that trip. 
  • PEGGY brought along her albums of Wooden Faces, and of the alphabet found echoed in shapes in the urban environment. Some of the group had not seen these before. They are worth looking at more than once as proof of what you can see when you really start looking with an idea in mind. And it was so good to see that the golden arches aren’t the only M about. 
  • JUDY has been inspired recently by speakers and workshops organised by the club and shared her experiments with a wide range of printing papers. The results were of great interest. 
  • KAY showed two books she had had printed while still living at Greenslopes. The group had previously seen a few of those included in WalkerCam Images. The second book was titled Carpark, colorful views from wheelchair level. 
  • And President EAN, who had come as an observer, told us of his interest in photographing old advertising signs. 
After much discussion afternoon tea brought a most enjoyable “show and tell” session to a close. 
The next get together is planned for Tuesday 10 September, 2 to 4 p,m. at Melaleuca Lodge. The challenge, for those who wish to take it, is to try something you’ve never done before.  Maybe make something creative with items you find in your kitchen. All welcome.  Speak to one of those listed above at a club meeting to be added to the email reminder list. 

2018 Meetings

June Meeting

7 of us met together at the Armstrong’s house. Kay and Ralph were unable to be there.

– Beverley has added to her collection of birds – printing photos taken over many years.
– Val is photographing the bonsai plants which she and Les have grown.
– Les had a collection of photos from the Cranbourne Gardens and a short stay at Inverloch.
– June has a collection of feathers, found on her property, these have been scanned to create
photos without using a camera.
– J udy M went to stay in the middle of Arnhem Land and has a new book of the landscape, flora, birds,
crocodiles and rock art which they saw.
– Arthur shared his collection of people viewing famous paintings in galleries in Paris, Rome and
– Peggy shared a collection of images taken at the Alfred Nicholas Gardens.
– Judy D came along to enjoy our company


May Meeting

Seven members attending and apologies from Judy D, Arthur and Kay.

Val has photographed her bonsai plants, continuing on after her miniature ornaments.
Les has captured some of the plants in their garden and the birds that visit, with the promise of autumn leaves to come
June is part of a life drawing class and has photographed her drawings to be able to share them with us. She has also made a 6-minute video of the two farm properties belonging to her
first boyfriend, who has recently passed away. This video is appreciated by his sister.

Beverley has made a beautiful book of her travels to Scotland – around the coast and islands by boat and inland by vehicle. She is working on a book of various birds, which we will see when complete.
Judy M has also made a beautiful book of trees and landscapes from around the world.
Ralph is continuing his series of tree stumps from his travels.
Peggy has done a series of ‘wooden faces’, from the natural markings in wooden fences and posts.



2017 Meetings

September Meeting

We had seven members in attendance with apologies from the others.

  • Ralph is still finding variety & interest in his tree stump studies. The differences to be seen are well highlighted in his growing collection.
  • Peggy shared an album she had put together of images taken in her rear view mirror on the road to Kinglake. She assured us that she parked the car before taking each photo! Her initial title was “A Day in Review” but “Rear Vision” was suggested as an alternative.
  • Les photographed “Resting Places” – empty seats along the Mullum Mullum track, at Port Fairy & in an unidentified park. These left us speculating on the people who might sit there.
  • Val has begun a collection of photographs of miniatures, tiny china ornaments that she owns. She brought a couple along so that we could see the actual size. It was suggested that she might also include images of her bonsai collection under the same title.
  • Judy M. had a printed book of land & seascapes & patterns of seaweed on the sand taken during a five day stay on Phillip Island during this winter.
  • Kay had her printed book of WalkerCam Images to show.
  • Judy D. told us of the wonderful animal images that were lost when her camera was stolen on her recent African trip.


April Meeting

Those attending were Kay, Bev, Peggy, Ralph, Arthur, Val, Les & Judy D.

Apologies received from several others.

  • Kay had another four prints of her WalkerCam series to share … with hopes of having a book of these completed by the next meeting.
  • Bev has set out to print all the birds she’s ever photographed since 2009. i.e. one example of each. We saw her offerings from 2009 on this occasion.
  • Les had rediscovered some small prints that he made in 1950 and 1953. There were five from a 1950 trip to Wilsons Prom … two these he’d hand painted … and a photograph of the signboard during the construction of the Eildon Dam in 1953. There was some discussion of the merits of scanning and enlarging historic prints like these.
  • Ralph had photographed some family heirlooms … vases, perfume bottles and ornaments that were prized possessions of his mother and grandmother. A simple set up with a plain backdrop and a single reading lamp showed these beautiful items to perfection.

There was much lively discussion followed by afternoon tea.


February Meeting

The Themes & Series Group met on 28 February 2017 with 8 in attendance.

The sets of work shared are listed below:

  • Val had made her first solo printed book titled A Love of Flowers featuring many of her beautiful flower studies from her garden and further afield.
  • Judy M. showed us a new book that she called Patterns in Nature (although it did include some man-made patterns as well.) 100 wonderfully patterned pages photographed in many parts of the world.
  • Les had a printed book in which he’d compiled photographs taken by himself and other family members of the wedding of his (and Val’s) first grandchild.
  • Peggy had photographed Purple Rain at White Night, a recreation of a sound and visual installation created by the French artist Pierre Ardouvin. Racks of transparent umbrellas were provided so that people could borrow one to walk protected through the piped showers lit by purple lights. (After seeing Peggy’s photos I was intrigued and found the YouTube clip at that gives a really good impression of the event when it was seen previously in Melbourne in 2014.)
  • June had made the first half of a handmade book called Around Six Tables. It celebrates the regular morning teas she shares with five friends who take turns to host the gathering.
  • Kay had a small selection of the WalkerCam images she is now taking. (No longer able to hold the camera steady or to manage a tripod I use the seat of my rollator as a camera platform – giving a view of the world from about 50cm height.)

Ralph & Arthur both had puzzles for us.

  • Ralph has recommenced his series of Guess the Title images. A couple of the group even managed to be on the same wavelength as Ralph. Although perhaps the other guesses might inspire further tabletop set-ups for him.
  • Arthur had a selection of four images of a rose, identical except for the differences created by a range of apertures. He challenged us to select the one that we would have enlarged – and then to compare the four with his enlargement and decide which one he had chosen.

Once again we shared a pleasant afternoon with good company and lively discussion that continued through afternoon tea after the books were put away.

Next meeting is arranged for Tuesday 11 April. 1.30pm at Greenslopes.



January Meeting

We had five apologies for reasons ranging from ill health to grandparent duties.

Those present were Kay, Judy M., Judy D., Peggy, Ralph, Val & Les.

  • Kay shared the third (& final for the time being) book of historic photos of Templestowe Park Primary School.
  • Val had photographed the stunning Christmas projections on the front of the Geelong City Hall at Christmas time.
  • Peggy’s album, Puzzled, was a selection of the photographs she took to record her progress in completing an intricate 1000 piece jigsaw of a peacock.
  • Les shared his images of the colorful floating Christmas tree in Corio Bay with its changing colours and reflection in the water.
  • Judy M. had had a book printed titled Culture & Diversity that featured some wonderful portraits of people in many parts of the world and some thoughts about the similarities in people of different cultures.
  • Ralph & Judy D. came empty handed to contribute to the discussion. (Though Judy did bring some really beautiful biscuits for afternoon tea.)




2016 Meetings

December Meeting

We had 7 present on this day, with a number of apologies.

  • Phil showed us a beautiful photo album of Scenes from the Balcony of a place in which he & Colleen have stayed in Coolangatta.
  • Les & Val had a printed book made to share their photographs, and those taken by members of their family, as a memento of their 60th Wedding Anniversary trip to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge in the National Zoo, Canberra.
  • Judy M. put together her experiments with layer masks in a printed book of Flowers.
  • Kay showed the second book she has produced using her monochrome photographs to mark the 40th anniversary of Templestowe Park Primary School: The Trees of Templestowe Park.
  • Pam shared her 2017 calendar.
  • And Arthur brought along some of Bev’s beautiful mince pies.

We’ve set the date for the next meeting as Tuesday 17 January 2017. 1.30 pm at Greenslopes. No set theme … although Fragments was floated as a suggestion.

October Meeting

We had six apologies and six in attendance.

Suggested themes for this meeting were Interiors, Movement (or “whatever you like”).

  • June had tackled movement in a couple of images of flying birds & had added to her collection of the creatures in her garden. (I particularly noted the oriole, bronze winged pigeon & long billed corella.)
  • Val had photographed some interesting interiors in a number of places. (One you’ll see at the November meeting.)
  • Arthur had experimented to good effect with in-camera HDR to photograph inside his home. And also shared two interior studies of the Long Room in Trinity College, Dublin.
  • Les had a booklet of photographs he’d titled Canberra Highlights & Jamala Zoo from their recent family trip to Canberra.
  • Kay had the first of a set of books commemorating the 40th anniversary of the formation of Templestowe Park Primary School.
  • Pam hadn’t anything to show this time but contributed to the discussion & the afternoon tea!

September Meeting

Apologies from Pam, Phil, Judy M. & Judy D.

  • Kay had nothing to show as the prints she ordered had not arrived. (They turned up in the mail the following day.)
  • Some had made a further investigation of Negative Space.
  • Ralph’s very clever and literal interpretation may yet be shown at the club, so I won’t spoil the surprise.
  • Arthur had found three prints within his archive that most of us felt fit the bill admirably. However, they provoked some discussion as to whether the space needed to be absolutely blank.
  • June had found some suitable subjects when she photographed One Sunday in the City.
  • Bev’s beautiful printed book Kermadec Islands, NZ: Land of Dreams included the selection she had shown us previously, taken on the deck of the Spirit of Endersby one day when all the other travellers had gone off on a long hike.
  • Peggy had been photographing birds on wires, and also shared her record of the walkway in Tunstall Square – photographed on 27 November 2014, not long before it was destroyed.
  • Les found suitable subjects in the flowers and ornaments of his garden.
  • Val’s collection was the result of many return visits to the three Melbourne zoos. She had some excellent portraits of a number of animals and she included two examples in which negative space was used.

July Meeting

The theme challenge we set for this meeting was Negative Space. Arthur, Judy M., Judy D., Bev & June had all attempted it after reading some of the many internet articles or blogs and looking at images. (Try “negative space photography” in your search engine.)

June had gone into her garden and taken new photographs, the others had gone back through their collections to see whether they were unconsciously using negative space to emphasise the main subject matter of some of their images. Some lively discussion ensued with slightly different reactions to a number of the images presented.

How you see the balance of negative and positive elements in an image is obviously subjective.

Some members are keen to explore this topic further. The results – or any other image sets – will be very welcome at the next meeting.

May Meeting

Nine members present.

Kay’s newest book is titled Fisheye Fotos – a selection of the images taken with a Lomo Fisheye camera that she bought back in 2007 for about $80. A different perspective on the world.

June shared the mobile phone photos she took at a Fawlty Towers dinner. She had also visited a derelict aircraft museum in Launching Place and found much of interest there.

Bev has done a number of trips to out-of-the-way places on a 1986 Russian research vessel. On one trip she spent an afternoon making intriguing images from the odd bits and pieces around the deck.

Val showed us Round the Garden in summer.

Les had photographed the wonderful patterns and colours of Gazania flowers.

Pam showed us some iPad images from her trip to Cuba. She is aiming to produce both a book and an AV with them.

Phil shared a beautiful new book titled The Model Shipwright – a combination of two of his interests.

Arthur and Peggy were observers this month.


March Meeting

With four apologies and one potential new member present we comprised a group of eight.

Kay began by thanking Phil for the time and effort he’d put into the presentation of our work at the March club meeting. She also thanked all who contributed images and books for the AV and display. By all accounts it was well received.

We then shared and discussed the following:

June had added to her collection on photographs of the birds and creatures in her garden. The new batch included king parrots and gang gangs.

Phil produced his first photo book, hot off the press. Titled Photography Shoots with Doncaster Camera Club it proved to be an interesting collection of places and familiar faces.

Pam brought her Piers & Jetties of Port Phillip Bay for those who did not get time to see it at our last meeting. And she also had the first prints from her recent trip to Cuba to whet our appetites for the planned AV and photobook: working title Cuba – A Country Waiting.

Peggy shared her photographs of Chinatown – the Lanes off Little Bourke Street. Few of us realized that there were so many and that they were so varied.

Ralph didn’t have any work of his own but brought along a commercial catalogue to provoke discussion as to how the images might have been done. No longer all in-camera work obviously.

Kay had made a new book titled Walls & Windows.

Judy M. had made a beautiful book of Australian scenes and people intended as a gift for the family with whom she’ll be staying on her next overseas adventure.


February Meeting

The group met on 02 February 2016 at Greenslopes. Present were DCC members: Phil, Pam, Peggy, Ralph, Les, Val, Kay, Judy M, Judy D, Bev, and our returning visitor, June.

Initial discussion centred on planning for our presentation to the March club meeting.

Members showing new work were:

  • Kay: a printed book titled My Narrowed World that includes photos taken while she was in rehab and those taken in the grounds of Greenslopes.
  • Val & Les: had made up an album together of images from a recent visit to Geelong during the Festival of Sails and featuring a good selection from the Adventure Park.
  • Judy M: shared a beautiful printed book in which she had collected Faces of people she had met and communicated with throughout the world.
  • Pam: has completed her mammoth project photographing all 145 accessible piers and jetties of Port Phillip Bay. The resulting book was so beautiful and caused so much interest that not everyone had time to look through it. She has promised to bring it again next time for those who missed out.
  • June: has been photographing the birds and creatures that visit her Donvale garden and the prints of these showed up well against the black paper of the book in which she had collected them.

Our next meeting is set for Tuesday 22 March. Starting time 1.30 p.m. sharp. Same venue.



2015 Meetings

December Meeting

The Themes & Series group met on 08 December, 2015 at Greenslopes. We had 9 people present: Bev Dillon joining us for the first time and June, our visitor from last meeting, attending again.

  •  Kay‘s latest book was unfortunately not back from the printer but she shared her copy of Roger Skinner’s book: A Life in Light: 50 years in photography which was launched this year at APSCON. And she also had copies of the catalog for the 2015 APS Contemporary Division group exhibition Found.
  •  Les had photographed some interesting aspects of Coombe Cottage during two visits to this historic site which was the Australian home of Dame Nellie Melba.
  •  Peggy‘s offering juxtaposed the old and new buildings of Perth: contrasts in architecture.
  •  Bev told us of two exhibitions she had seen recently in London. One at the Tate Modern by Ursula Schultz-Dornburg was of bus shelters in Armenia in various stages of disrepair, some with people using them, some empty. The other, at the Geffrye Museum was titled A Street Seen: the Residents of Westbury Road. A collaboration between an artist who had sketched the streetscape, showing the sameness of the frontages, and the photographer, Andrew Buurman, who had photographed the residents in their back gardens to show diversity.
  •  June combined a series of still photographs and videos of her Hills hoist into a short movie titled Ode to a Clothesline. She once again proved that you don’t have to travel far to produce intriguing images.
  •  Phil had a series of images of the Surfers Paradise skyline, taken from Coolangatta at different times of day and in different light.
  •  Ralph is still fascinated by the endless variety in tree trunks. His latest set of these included the cut surfaces of one magnificent specimen that no longer stands.
  •  Pam has now completed a project that has occupied her for some years by photographing 154 of the piers and jetties of Port Phillip Bay, all that are accessible. She is having these printed as a book that we are looking forward to seeing sometime soon. In the meantime she shared her 2016 calendar with 12 stunning scenes from her 2015 travels.
  •  Val showed the beginning of a collection of images illustrating well-known songs from musicals such as A Spoonful of Sugar, Climb Every Mountain, and Let’s Go Fly A Kite.

 The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 02 February 2016 at 1.30 pm at the usual venue.

Images from the group

Phil Ryan’s “Surfers Paradise Skyline” series selection can be seen here and…

a selection of his “Country Corners” can been seen here

And here is a selection from Kay Mack’s “Found” set subject:







October Meeting

The Themes & Series group met on 13 October at Greenslopes. All current members were present plus one visitor.

  •  Ralph shared some more “Clouds” & “Tree Trunks”. He is continuing to find something different to add to each of these series.
  •  Judy showed a series of beautiful trees from North Queensland and beyond. We’re expecting to see something quite different next time, though, after her 3 weeks in Iran.
  •  Pam had “Found” a wonderful collection of lost and discarded objects at the beach – made even more interesting by the way they were grouped in her album
  •  Phil had added to his “Country Corners” and also showed his series “Tea, coffee, or …”, along with some views of Manningham – before and after he had added Photoshop effects to the images. And, in addition, we saw his AV of the new Margaret Olley Art Centre at the Tweed Regional Gallery.
  •  Val had some great “Mullum Reflections” taken in puddles on her daily walks along the Mullum Mullum Trail.
  •  Kay shared a book that she had recently had printed. Titled “Words & Pictures” it traces her long history of ignoring the old camera club adage that you should never include words in your photographs.
  •  Peggy continues to find more fascinating examples of “Yarn Bombing”. The variety in these woollen creations is really amazing.
  •  Les had found a selection of metal sculptures in three different locations and photographed them to share.
  •  And June, our visitor, shared with us her 3-minute movie titled “Cumulus” which included more than just clouds.


The group will meet again on 08 December. Same venue. No set theme.

July Meeting

Six of the Group met on @1 July 2015 at the Armstrong house.

  •  Judy showed us a Photobook ‘The World in Black and White’, including photos of buildings, flora, fauna and people.
  •  Pam continued with the theme of ‘found’ with many varied objects like cutlery, old socks, shoes and containers photographed on the ground where she found them.
  •  Les did a series at Bruno’s Gallery in Marysville – showing the blackened remains after the bush fire and now it has been rebuilt.
  •  Val has some bright colours in her ‘Autumn in our Garden’.
  •  Ralph has continued with the ‘Clouds’ theme.
  •  Peggy focused on the old walkway at Tunstall Square and our bricks, titled ‘Where is it?’


April Meeting

Seven members enjoyed the meeting on Tuesday afternoon, 28th April 2015.

  • There was lots of discussion on the meaning and breadth of the group challenge of “Found” and the following was shared:
  • Judy had created another small book with many images expressing a variety of interpretations of “Found” and “Finding” in many countries
  • Val produced intriguing images that she found that shadows and light had created within the house
  • Les collated images of flowers, birds and garden ornaments found in his garden
  • Peggy showed a series of lighthouses found on the extremities of our coastline
  • Ralph had two images to present – (a) the house keys found under the pot plant as was the custom around the orchard scene and (b) a wallaby found when he was capturing another in his series of tree stumps
  • Phil took the opportunity whilst at Wilsons Prom to see what found objects he could find there to photograph
  • Kay centred her found objects on finds in her garden and enhanced the story of the images with supporting text

The next meeting is scheduled for 9th June 2015 at 1.30pm at Kay’s home. No theme – do your own thing.

March Meeting

There were 8 in attendance at the March meeting of the Themes and Series group. Although there was no set theme this month Textures seemed to be a popular choice.

  • Judy had made a printed book – Textures are everywhere
  • Peggy – Textures of Tasmania
  • Les – Textures and Patterns of Eucalypts
  • Ralph – had added to his collection of clouds, and photographed Trees of Tasmania
  • Phil – Painted Doors of Fitzroy (plus a few more of his Country Corners)
  • And Val shared with us a book that she’d had printed for her granddaughter’s 21st birthday.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday April 28, 1.30 pm. Venue: Kay’s place. Theme: Found.

January Meeting

Kay welcomed six members to the first meeting of the year to share their latest themes and series creations.

  • Les is has been working on a collection of “Colours and Textures of the bark of Eucalyptus trees”
  • Phil has continued his “Country Corners” series with additions from Walhalla, Bombala, Dalgety, Cooma, Braidwood and other places
  • Kay has produced 3 photo books – “Memories of John”, “Hidden Colours” and “Stories from my Garden”
  • Ralph commenced a new series on “Clouds”
  • Peggy continued the thread of her “Yarn Bombing” series
  • Val created a series based on “Seeds and Pods”
  • Judy shared her large book “South America 2104”

The next meeting will be in early March, again at Kay’s home.

2014 Meetings

November Meeting

Seven DCC members assembled at Val & Les’s home on 25 November 2014 to share and discuss their latest image series.

  • Pam showed one of her beautiful calendars and promised to bring the 2015 calendar to our next meeting.
  • Ralph continues to find variety in tree trunks but hinted that he might have a new project for the new year.
  • Judy has continued to refine her A3+ posters on art paper and had four beautiful examples featuring Patterns in Nature and Patterns in Fabric.
  • Val shared some stunning Leaves in Monochrome showing just what can be done without venturing further than her garden. (SEE BELOW)
  • Peggy and Les pleaded works in progress.
  • And Kay shared her (very last minute) Short Essay on Rain.

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 27 January at 1.30pm and will be held at Kay’s home. Choose your own theme. Please let Kay know if you would like to join the group.

Val’s “Leaves in Monochrome”

September Meeting

The Group met at Kay’s home on 30 September. Seven members were present.

Each person had worked on their own theme or series. At present the group does not have a common theme challenge.

  • Kay, in between all of her work and responsibilities for the APS APSCON presentations this month, continued to work on her “Studies from my garden” series. Some of Kays images are shown below in the gallery.
  • Ralph has added to his collection of tree stumps with contributions from recent trips to south east Queensland and Castlemaine, Victoria – with the realisation “they are all different!”
  • Val continues her theme of “Natures Art” with a varied collection of flowers, leaves, butterflies and much more with their unique shapes
  • Les created a series from his capture of a tall tree being felled in the park opposite his house.
  • Peggy had not worked on her themes but shared her photos and memories from the tour of south east Queensland
  • Judy is experimenting with collages of “Doors of the World” and showed four A2+ size prints of her work todate
  • Phil presented a number of his series on “Country Corners” – buildings on the corners of rural towns.  Some of these are shown in the gallery below.
Kay’s “Stories from my Garden”
Phil’s “Country Corners”

August Meeting

The Themes & Series group met at Ralph & Peggy’s on 5 August with 7 members present.

It was a really interesting and varied collection of images – there was no group topic this time.

Peggy, inspired by a series by John Gollings in the current “The Road” exhibition at Monash Gallery of Art, showed us her long strip of images of the views across Doncaster Road as she walked along the stretch from Tunstall Square to Blackburn Road.

Pam’s images were displayed on her iPad and featured “Patterns of the Centre”. These were views from a hot air balloon near Alice Springs. The first images were of the preparation of the balloon before the flight, and the final one of the deflating balloon after landing. In between were about 30 wonderful patterns, some featuring the long early morning shadows.

Judy has started putting together a collection titled “Doors & Windows of the World”. She says she has been photographing doors and windows for many years and has others to print for inclusion in this project.

Les shared a collection of images in “Our Garden” – not only the flowers but also the feathered visitors that frequent their garden.

Kay’s “Stories from my garden” used text and image together to tell the various stories.

Val shared the “Concrete” garden sculpture that she hadn’t had printed in time for the last meeting, and a new series titled “Nature’s Art”.

And Ralph is continuing his exploration of the vagaries of the English language. We thought “Battery Hens” was obvious, but no-one managed to guess the titles of “Insurance” and “A-maze-ing”.

Ralph also had a certified copy of the Argus newspaper for the day he was born – a gift for his recent birthday.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 30 September at Kay’s. 1.30 pm start. Again no group theme.


June Meeting

There were 7 members of the group who braved the cold, rain and strong winds to gather at the Armstrongs’ on 24th June.

On the theme of “Concrete” we shared:

  • Peggy’s views of concrete in her neighbourhood – from freshly poured to old and damaged.
  • Ralph’s images of concrete used in a variety of ways. This included one image of a concrete wall with the graffiti “You are here” painted on it. Ralph pointed out that this showed two uses of the word – the concrete in the construction, and the definition “to make concrete instead of abstract“. (Well, he had to be “here” to photograph it.)
  • Judy’s wonderful weekend views looking down into a concrete factory from an overpass with all the trucks lined up waiting for the next delivery day. Added to this were images of concrete constructions, and a series of images illustrating abstract concepts i.e. making the concept concrete.
  • Kay’s interpretation of concrete (based on the definitions “concrete: existing in material of physical form, not abstract” and “sculpture: to make or represent a form by carving, casting or other shaping techniques”) was a selection of the many photographs of sculpture that she has collected over the years.

Other images shared were:

  • Val’s garden photos and those she took at Liz’s wedding.
  • Some more of Peggy’s Yarn Bombing, and her images of the lane-ways along Flinders Lane. (She has now photographed them all!)

Kay had been to the opening of the two new exhibitions at the Monash Gallery of Art and shared the brochures and a copy of “The Existential Portrait” by Rod McNicol which includes most of the portraits that are hung in his exhibition “Memento mori”. That, and “The road: Photographers on the move 1970 – 1985” are on until the end of August and well worth a visit.


May Meeting

Kay Mack welcomed 8 members of the Group on Tuesday, 6 May 2014.  The following were presented and discussed:

(a)    The Group Theme – “Solitude”

  • Pam R. presented her series of images from “Solitude in the City” – a monochrome collection of people in a situation representing solitude. The photos are shown in the Gallery below.
  • Judy M. applied the definitions of solitude and showed her images to meet the definitions
  • Kay M. showed her work in progress that will, when completed, illustrate each line of a poem entitled “Solitude”
  • Les and Val A. presented their separate collections on the theme
  • Phil R. wanted to save printer ink and showed an audio visual based on a number of definitions of the subject.  The AV is included below.

(b)    Other Themes

  • Ralph P. has added to his growing collection of “tree roots”
  • Peggy P. has a number of new photos of “Yarn Bombing”
  • Peggy P. has also commenced a new series on the lanes of Melbourne city. Hosier Lane was presented at this meeting and more will follow.
  • Phil R. showed a selection of monochrome photos from his “The Porter Street Tree” series

Next Group Theme:         Concrete


Solitude in the City by Pam Rixon



2013 Meetings

November Meeting

Members of the group met at the home  of Peggy and Ralph Petty.

The set theme resulted in a variety of outputs, including those based on the colours blue, red and purple.

Some members have added to their on-going theme or series projects


September Meeting

Seven members attended the meeting on Tuesday 3rd September at the home of Kay and John Mack.

The group enjoyed discussing and viewing the diverse collection of works:

  • Kay created a series of images on the shadows cast by the sun inside the home after she was inspired by a poem “Dawn” in The Age newspaper.  The first line of the poem is “Dawn finds its way into the house through every recess”.  Kay showed this to be so.
  • Judy continued her series on Dreams with a beautifully produced photo book.  Judy included images from around the world, grouped in a number of series to illustrate various quotations on the subject of dreams – such as “Hope is a waking dream” by Aristotle.
  • Les continued his project of photographing House Names or Addresses.  He is discovering many very interesting and creative works.
  • Peggy showed more yarn bombing captures from around Melbourne.  Who would have thought that there was so much such “bombing” occurring?
  • Ralph continued his series on tree trunks.  If only the trunks would not disappear faster than he can get to his camera!
  • Val expanded her series on illustrating Dreams by producing images to illustrate the lines from the Frank Sinatra song called “Dreams”

Phil had just returned from 6 weeks away and Pam was overseas. Not really valid excuses not to have something to show !!



July Meeting

On 2 July, Val and Les Armstrong hosted the members of the Group, with seven members attending.

A set subject of “dreams” had been agreed and those who accepted this challenging subject explained how they had approached it and showed their results.

Pam looked at dreams through the eyes of her two grand-children after asking what they dreamt about.  Pam produced the result as a book of dreams that she could them present to the girls.

Kay created a fold-out collection of images to represent the nature of her dreams as she remembers them on waking: elusive, with recurring motifs.

Peggy had looked at before and after aspects in her photos. Val and Phil produced series of individual dream images.

Les has commenced a series of shots of house names and plaques in the area and Ralph showed his latest on the theme of tree trunks.


Next Meeting

Tuesday 3 September, 2 pm, at Kay and John Mack’s home.

No set theme – each member to continue with their existing series .

Please let Kay know if you intend to attend.



May Meeting

On 28 May, Kay and John hosted 9 members of the Group. Kay welcomed Judy Mitchell to her first meeting.

After a general discussion on Themes, Series, Projects and Portfolios, the group viewed and discussed the following:

  • Pam explained her “jetties” project – photographing all the jetties on Port Philip Bay.  So far, Pam has completed 62 jetties and is about half way there! It should be a great result when completed, processed and printed.
  • Phil showed his “Isolated Neglect: The rusty roof project”.  A series of photos of abandoned/neglected/isolated rural buildings, each with a rusty roof.
  • Ralph had 2 enlargements from his tree trunk theme. Images of tree trunks without isolating just the trunk.
  • Kay showed the progress with her 2 projects – “Shades of Green” depicting the various shades of green in her garden and “Neglected”, images of neglect in various situations

In planning for a theme for the next common project, the Group finally settled on Kay’s difficult suggestion of “Dreams”.  At next meeting it is expected that there will be some very different interpretations of this subject.  Of course any members of the Group can continue to develop their own subjects.


April Meeting

Six in attendance.

  • Val showed her completed – “Age” book and one image of a lone seagull taken for the group theme Isolation.
  • Ralph had a selection of Abandoned (or Neglected) images,  and some full colour prints he’d done recently.
  • Peggy had a series of Isolated shopping trolleys and a set of images of a Neglected property she’d seen in her travels. She has also taken some more images for her Yarn Bombing series and for her Letterbox Numbers.
  • Kay showed a series of images for Neglect – with the captions superimposed on the images.
  • Phil (in absentia) had contributed a monochrome compilation of very neglected old buildings.



Kay showed a book on the Thomas Demand exhibition at NGV and explained the nature of the exhibits to be seen.  She also discussed the exhibition program at Monash Gallery of Art.

Themes and Series shared and discussed were……..

  • Val & Les  decided on “Age” as their current theme and this transformed into many photos depicting words ending in “age”
  • Pam had completed on her series on the many elephant works of art that were created as part of the Melbourne Zoo’s 150 birthday
  • KAY showed that there are many shades of green to be captured in the suburban garden in in a period of little rain.
  • Peggy has the commencement of her series on house/letter box numbers
  • Phil showed his collections “Viewing the Gallery” and “Bearly by a Nose”
It was agreed that the group would work on the common themes of “Isolation” and/or “Neglect” for the next meeting

Thanks you Peggy and Ralph for providing the venue and the afternoon tea!



We shared some further work on the common theme “Communication”: a medley from Ralph; signs from Peggy; some further communication through the written word from Kay; Phil’s “Communication in the electronic age”; and Pam’s “Communication at the Zoo”.

In addition we saw the beginning of a series on agapanthus season by Kay; and the final result of Pam’s “Abandoned Seats of Manningham”. Who would’ve thought she could find so many in such a short time? The images are beautifully presented in book form – big seats, small seats; red seats, blue seats; worn seats, torn seats, etc..

2012 Meetings


A common subject of “Communication” had been agreed.   Presentations included works of:

  • Communications via maps, language and postcards by Kay
  • Communications in many forms by Val and Les

Val showed the completion of her series of “Dogs of Mullum Mullum”


A common subject of “Seats” had been agreed.   The work produced included:

  • An A2-size photo displaying 80 images of “Empty Seats” from many places
  • An imaginative collection of “Abandoned Seats of Manningham” – images of seats left on nature strips for collection.
  • “Seats of Fun” – colourful seats of many types in children’s playgrounds
  • plus other collections of seats that will be developed as time and opportunity allows
The agreed theme for the next meeting is “Communication”


Members showed and discussed their theme and series work.  The work seen included:

  • Kay’s entry in the recent Contemporary Division’s APSCON dispay “Close to Home”.  Kay’s imaginative series showed local fences and the images were joined at the edges to depict a fence when laid out.
  • A continuation of Valerie’s “Dogs and their owners at Mullum Mullum”  plus a series of wattles along the track
  • “Red Lights” a new series by Peggy
  • Themes of “Steps and Stairs” and “Contemplation” by Phil


This meeting saw the great progress in the development of the members’ theme and series work.  The group enjoyed:

  • “Tree Stumps” by Ralph
  • “Shadows and Reflections of Darwin” by Peggy
  • “Patterns” by Les
  • “The Painted Elephants” by Pam
  • “Dogs and their owners at Mullum Mullum” by Valerie
  • “Children at play in the Jacaranda Shadows” by Kay

Photobooks by Pam, Kay and John led to discussion on the possibilities for use in a series or theme.



At the July gathering of the Themes & Series group we viewed & discussed images from members’ themes as diverse as Patterns, Motels, Windows, Tree Trunks & 7.45 am.

The next get-together is arranged for Tuesday 21 August, 2 pm, at the Macks’. Please let Kay know if you intend being there


June –

The Themes & Series group met on 19 June for a good discussion of possibilities and viewed themed images produced by a couple of those present.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 24 July, at 2pm, at the Macks’. Please bring along the images you are working on.  Please let Kay know if you plan to attend.



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