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Competition Steward:       Arthur Lilley              9842 5257

Club Competitions

Our Club holds a photographic competition each month; and at least three times a year this competition involves entries on a set subject involving photographs taken on a particular theme or method.

Members submit their work at the monthly meeting. The Competition Steward collects these entries and collates them in preparation for that month’s judging panel.

Between meetings a judging panel, consisting of at least three judges (or a single judge in the case of visiting judges) meets and reviews each entry and agree on comments regarding the artistic and technical merits of the photograph. Each judge then awards the photograph a score which is then averaged by the Competition Steward.

At the next monthly Club meeting each entry is displayed and one of the judges relays the comments for that entry.

We use Club members to judge other people’s photographs. These members have agreed to do this and have observed at least one judging meeting prior to ‘qualifying’ as a judge. Up to four members participate on the judging panel at any one time – the Panel Co-ordinator, two other club members and an observer. The Panel Co-ordinator and the two other members then present their comments and scores at the Club’s monthly meeting. The observer does not have to do this as they are learning how to undertake Club judging duties.

Each judging panel consists of different club members taken from those that have the necessary experience to undertake the role.

The Judging Panel Co-ordinator role is shared among six experienced members, who are appointed by the Committee for a three-year term on a rotating basis.

We often invite visiting speakers to present at our monthly Club meeting. At the same time, we may ask them to also undertake the judging duties for our monthly competition. If they agree to do this, we supply them with an outline of the way we organise our judging, and recommendations for scoring our images, so that they can understand the “way we do things

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Competition Rules

Aggregate Award 1.1.         The Aggregate award consists of the results from each monthly competition held from April of each year to the following March inclusive. The Aggregate award is presented at the Club’s Annual General Meeting in April of each year. 1.2.         The Aggregate award is divided into three separate sections: 1.2a        Kevin and Kath …

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Competitions – Image Sizes & File Naming

Maximum Sizes for Monthly Competitions (and therefore the Aggregate Awards in April) Small Prints Size of Print – 13 x 18cm (5 inches x 7 inches) for the image area Size of Mount – 20 x 26cm (8 inches x 10 inches) Panoramic print formats are acceptable but must be contained within the same image and …

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Annual Awards (December)

Print and Projected Image of the Year Memorial and Perpetual Trophies Entries submitted during the previous twelve months may be entered into either the Print or Project Image of the Year competition. Entries into these competitions occur in November, with the prizes awarded at our December club meeting. The winners have their names inscribed on …

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Aggregate Award (April)

Our monthly photographic competition consists of three separate sections: Small Prints, Open Prints and Projected Images. Each entry receives a mark out of 100 (which is the average of the three judges’ scores for that entry). Each member’s marks earned for their photographs submitted throughout the year, including all set subject entries, are then accumulated …

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Monochrome Competition – November

Each year the club holds a monochrome competition and the winning entry is awarded the Kay Mack Memorial Trophy. The competition is run across both print and digitally projected images

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External Competitions

Australian Competitions Check the APS website for details and links to individual websites – click here International Competitions Check the FIAP website for details and links to individual websites – see here  

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