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Audio Visual Group

Coordinator: Phil Ryan

This group comprises those members actively involved in the production of photo audio visuals – it is a challenge to combine images, sound and narrative to achieve a production which will absorb the viewer and elicit an emotional response.

There is a number of software packages suitable for the making of photo audio visuals.  Members of the group at this stage are using a variety of programs such as  PTE AV Studio, video editors and Fotomagico. Other software products are suitable.

If you would like to know more about this group, speak with Phil Ryan.   Or email him at 

Next Meeting

Next meeting date to be confirmed –  At present, the active AV Group  members are doing their own thing until the first meeting in 2021.



October 14, 2020

This meeting was held with 6 members using Zoom, following the circulation of the new AV files to the members.

The AVs discussed and critiqued at the meeting

  • Glenn showed the progress and possibly final version of his productions “Virtual Exhibition” and “Puzzle”
  • Pam showed “Escape to the Bush” – produced from images from her many visits to the “bush” at the local Westerfolds Park.
  • Liesel created “Lockdown 2020” based on her local walks within her 5km limit.
  • Phil extracted “Dandelion” from his combined production “At Home” earlier in the year and finalised it as a short standalone work.  He also had completed a new production “The Tractor Workshop” based on his 1/35 scale old style wood and plastic garage workshop.

Other AV subjects were discussed, including the UK’s RPS annual AV exhibition that was held via Zoom, the Mac version of PTE AV Studio and the APS Spring AV Competition



June 1, 2020 VAPS results

Great news for the group in that our entries for DCC won first place in both of the AV competitions as part of the VAPS Interclub 2020 Competition.

Pam won the 321 Comp with “A circus of Puffins” and Phil was first place in the Open Comp with “Empire Rhone”

An excellent result for the AV Group and combined with Michael Walker’s first place in the EPDI Comp, DCC won the three competitions on offer for the year.

Pam’s “A Circus of Puffins”………

Phil’s “Empire Rhone”………..




May 27, 2020

Another meeting held using Zoom, following the circulation of the new AV files to the members.

Due to the lockdown, the challenge for this meeting was to create an AV from things that could be photographed within our home and garden.

  • Pam showed her previous work – “The Great Lockdown” – after making some changes to the production.
  • Pam also had completed “Still a Wonderful World”, featuring great images backed by the popular song.
  • Phil produced four subjects that he combined into one AV – “At Home”.  The sections were “The dandelion”, “Mellow Yellow” about a yellow daisy, “The Fifty Dollar Note” examining the $50 with some macro photos, and “The Chicken Dance” about some eggs and chickens

Glenn provided some more guidance on the use of Audacity for narrations and offered to suggest individual settings to suit an individual’s voice.

It was agreed to take a short break from regular group meetings to allow each person to consider and plan their AV explorations and creations during the coming months.


April 22, 2020

The April meeting was the first that was held using Zoom communication and we were joined by Ean C.

The challenge for the meeting was to produce and audio visual on any subject but using only 10 photos. The AVs were distributed to each member of the group for viewing in isolation and then comments, suggestions, etc were exchanged at the meeting.  It was felt that this was a good process and will continue during the period of isolation.

The AVs produced were naturally diverse and had the following titles:

  • Walking the Milford Track
  • Woolmers shearing shed
  • Project Bucket List
  • The Batavia
  • The great lockdown
  • Lotus garden
  • Victims of the virur

It was agreed that for the next meeting each person will produce an AV limited to what can be done at home during the lockdown.

Also, the meeting will include segments on:

  1. Further exploring sound quality and the use of Audacity
  2. The use of creative techniques in production



VAPS Interclub, 2020

The club has entered the following works in the interclub audio visual competitions:

321 Comp
A Circus of Puffins by Pam Rixon
Reserve Forces Day Melbourne 2017 by Glenn Mills
Open Comp
Roaming in Rome by Liesel Ingrassia
Empire Rone by Phil Ryan

February 26, 2020

The first meeting of the group in each year is used to review the past year and to plan for the next.  The following was included:

  • The showing of 9 AVs at the January Club meeting seemed to have been well received.  Members agreed it is always difficult to get much feed back on the AVs.  It was generally felt that for next January the evening should include information about the group activities, the art of making the AVs, etc.
  • The VAPS inter-club entries are due and it was agreed that DCC should enter two AVs in the 321 section and two in the Open section.   An initial selection was made with one 321 entry still to be decided.
  • Plans for 2020 were discussed, including how more technical and creative components can be included in the AVs.  The technical aspects for this will be included in future meetings.
  • It was agreed that a “group challenge” will be undertaken before the next meeting.  This will require a new AV of any type or subject but limited to 10 photos.

Pam showed her AV on the 2019 activities of the Scenic Group.  Phil showed a collection of his AV commencements, that he had prepared as part of a presentation to another club during a talk on AVs.


January 17, 2020

The AV Group presented the following sequences to the club members at the annual AV night:

  • DCC on Location by Graham Kay
  • DCC Photo Expo by Phil Ryan
  • Signs of Tilba by Arthur Lilley
  • Quarantine at Point Nepean by Pam Rixon
  • Roaming in Rome by Liesel Ingrassia
  • Empire Rone by Phil Ryan
  • A Circus of Puffins by Pam Rixon
  • Country Corners by Phil Ryan
  • Framed by Glenn Mills


November 13, 2019

The club “AV Night” in January was discussed and an estimate made of the number of new AVs that will be ready for the showing.

The progress (completion perhaps?) of three AVs was viewed and discussed with some good suggestions made for possible enhancements:

  • Pam’s “Quarantine Station” 
  • Liesel’s “Roaming in Rome”
  • Phil’s “Empire Rhone”

The next meeting will not be until after the AV Night.  Most likely in February.

June 19, 2019

The group viewed and discussed works in progress….

  • Pam’s “Quarantine Station” 
  • Liesel’s “Roaming in Rome

Also enjoyed was Glenn’s stop motion children’s story that he created some years ago.

A number of AVs from Australia and overseas were viewed and their diversity discussed.

March 27 , 2019

The group viewed and discussed

  • Pam’s “St Kilda, Scotland” remake
  • Pam’s new AV, with narration, prepared for her club presentation on the Islands of Scotland.
  • Phil’s “Country Corners Collection”
  • Phil’s “Empire Rone” intallation at Burnham Beeches

Also discussed various AV plans, ideas and technical aspects.


January 18 , 2019

The AV Group presented the following sequences to the club members at the annual AV night:

Burra by Pam Rixon with images by Pam and Marg Walton

Greens Pool exercise results by Glenn mills and Phil Ryan

Berlin by Liesel Ingrassia

Across the Ditch by Arthur Lilley

Canning Stock Route by Pam Rixon

Sculptures by the Sea by Phil Ryan

My piece of the Rhine by Liesel Ingrassia

Stonehenge by Glenn Mills


December 12, 2018

The meeting consisted of:

A review and discussion on the experience in using Audacity for sound editing as covered in our previous meeting.  A number of members had applied some of the suggestions that had been made and related their results.

A discussion on suitable microphones available at a reasonable cost.  Glenn offered to do some research and make recommendations.

Each member present showed recent completed or work in progress AV productions and each was discussed and suggestions made.  

October 17, 2018

This meeting concentrated on the use of the Audacity sound editing software.

We demonstrated the importing of narration or other files files into Audacity plus the recording of narration directly into the program.  We then looked at altering the files , splitting them up into segments and exporting the segments as MP3 files for use in the appropriate places in the AV production programs.

Thank you Glenn for the excellent explanation and demonstrations of the basic improvements that can be made to all narration files to create a better sound.  Thanks also for the handouts.

The group also viewed Liesel’s work in progress on her Berlin AV.  Suggestions for enhancements were made for Liesel to consider and the viewing temped a couple of members to book their holiday to Berlin!


September 19, 2018

Discussion was varied, including audio editing, matching images to sound for effect, and styles of AVs.

Three versions of AVs resulting from the recent group challenge (all using the same images) were shown and discussed.

A number of AV formats from European producers were shown and discussed.

The next meeting (in October) will specifically focus on audio editing with the Audacity software.

June 1, 2018

Congratulations to Glenn Mills who achieved second place in the VAPS 321 Audio Visual competition as announced at the conference last weekend.  The 321 comp is for productions of up to 3 minutes 21 seconds.  The work by Glenn was the first of his that has been entered by DCC in the VAPS comps.

Glenn’s AV is about the Canning Stock Route. Some may have seen the production at the club’s AV night in January.  For those who did not and those who wish to enjoy it again the following is a link to it.

Canning muse in Verse

Canning Muse In Verse by G Mills-2








May 16, 2018

Five members attended and the following were covered:

  • Discussion on the January club AV night and the technical difficulties in showing two of the AVs
  • Although it was raised at the club committee the possibility of moving the AV night from January, it did not eventuate and will be in January again next year.
  • Pam show her Burra (South Australia) AV to which she had made some changes to the production
  • Phil showed the Cape to Cape (Western Australia) AV which now has narration added
  • Pam also shared her new AV on the snow capped mountains in New Zealand.  Pam asked for suggestions for changes and improvements and the ensuing discussion would have been of value to all involved.
  • Following the discussion about Pam’s new AV it was agreed to carry out an exercise where each person would produce an AV using the same selection of photos. The AVs would be shown at the next meeting to illustrate how different minds will produce quite different productions. Glenn will provide about 20 images for the exercise.
  • The group then viewed 6 short AVs from overseas to illustrate the wide variety of production styles that can be used in creating an AV


March 15, 2018

The club has selected the these AVs to represent the club in the 2018 VAPS inter-club competitions

Open Comp

“Baroque in Noto Sicily” by Liesel Ingrassia

 “Lest we forget” by Arthur Lilley

321 Comp

“Canning Muse in Verse” by Glenn Mills


January 19, 2018

The following audio visual productions were shown at the January Club “AV Night” –

  • “Burra, South Australia” by Pam Rixon
  • “Baroque in Noto Sicily” by Liesel Ingrassia
  • “Reserve Forces Day” by Glenn Mills
  • “Cape to Cape” by Phil Ryan
  • “Lest we forget” by Arthur Lilley
  • “Not Alone” by Phil Ryan
  • “Canning Muse in Verse” by Glenn Mills


December 20, 2017

This meeting of the group was principally to discuss the AVs that would be selected for showing at the January club meeting.

Also discussed was the possibility to moving the AV night to a month other than January and the possibility of showing an AV on some club nights when there was not an external presenter.

Various technical issues were also covered


November 8, 2017

Six club members were at the meeting, which was the first one since June. 

  • The Club AV night in January was discussed as it will be necessary to have some AVs available for showing.  It was agreed that members who are not in the AV Group should be encouraged to submit an AV and it was acknowledged that this is usually done through the Newsletter.
  • A question was raised on why the AVs were always shown in January when many members were away.  Although it has been slotted in January for quite some years, Pam said that she would raise the matter with the Committee before the next Program is agreed.
  • Phil advised that APS had altered its rules so that up to 20% of video can be included in a competition AV.  It is expected that VAPS will do the same and it will probably be discussed at the VAPS AGM this month.
  • Glenn showed his new AV about the Canning Stock Route, based on his narration of a verse with very appropriate images
  • Liesel showed her new work on  the Northern Territory.  It was covered quite a lot of areas visited on their recent travels
  • Phil re-showed his Close to Home AV for those who had not seen it and could not live without doing so.



June 14, 2017

Five members attended this meeting of the Group. Apart from general discussion on AV matters, the following were some highlights

  • The club’s entries and results in the recent VAPS competitions.
  • The AV gala day to be held next month to show the winning entries in the international 321 competition
  • Phil Ryan showed his version of “Close to home” , the group challenge for all members
  • Five very different types of overseas AVs were shown, followed by discussion on how each person felt about the works


April 19, 2017

  • Ian Holowko showed a new AV about Bermagui, a beautiful location on the south coast of NSW.  Many stunning images combining well with the music tracks.
  • Liesel showed some photos to allow discussion about her planned AV.  This allowed discussion and suggestions on possible ways to approach the production and how to handle the images.
  • The four entries to VAPS on behalf of DCC were viewed as they had all been altered and refined since the previous viewing.
  • A document detailing of the proposed rule changes for 2018 entries was handed out and discussed.  The main changes are (a) allowing the inclusion of video up to 20% of the length of the AV, and (b) the 321 competitions will be for AVs up to 3 minutes 30 seconds instead of exactly that time.
  • The current “International 321” competition was discussed, including the number and type of entries and the use of video files in some AVs.  Australia (Melbourne) is one of the countries judging the competition.  The judging is in May with a planned general showing of the best of the 113 entries in July.
  • It was agreed that a set subject challenge titled “Close to home” would be attempted by all those who wished to do so.



January 11, 2017

This meeting was primarily to view and discuss the AVs to be shown at the “Members’ Audio Visuals” night at the January DCC meeting. 

The AVs are:

  • Arthur’s “The Rocky Mountaineer” which he has now completed
  • Pam’s “Cuba – Country in waiting” which has had the narration finalised
  • Ian’s completed “Dinner Plains”  work which has been transformed from a concept to a finished show.
  • Phil’s “Montsalvat” documentary which was shown at the last meeting
  • Liesel’s new story about Las Vegas which is complete with narration. Liesel will also show her travels in the United States of America.
  • Phil showed a new AV highlighting the outings by DCC during 2016 and using members’ images that were provided for the club’s website.
  • Glenn will provide his sequence of images from the club’s night at Docklands in January 2016


July 6, 2016

The meeting commenced with a viewing and discussion on Pam’s new AV – “Cuba – Country in waiting”.  This was Pam’s first narrated AV and apart from the great images, the narration added another dimension and really told a story.

Liesel explained that in her next AV she wished to include some fast-paced sections and the group explained ways to achieve this, including choice of soundtrack and how to coordinate the images with the beat of the music.

Glenn showed and demonstrated his new Zoom H5 audio recorder and microphone that he bought to assist in recording the Reserve Forces parade.  He also demonstrated how a reasonably cheap microphone can significantly improve the recording to a smart device or tablet.

Further demonstration of Audacity showed how the free program can assist in the audio aspects of AV making

Two AVs of very different formats from outside the club were viewed

Phil showed an AV of rocks at Wilsons Prom, plus a remake of the remake of the Great Escape

April 6, 2016

Seven members of the group attended and Arthur was welcomed to his first meeting. Arthur has purchased Pictures To Exe software and plans to familiarise himself with it.

  • It was discussed and agreed that the January AV night was well received, with comments on how the standard of AVs had improved so much over recent years.  Also agreed that the Themes and Series AV presentation was a good “advertisement” for AVs.
  • Lisel and Phil had attended the recent Victorian AV Enthusiasts day which was devoted to the aspect of narration in our AVs.  A number of AV makers provided their experiences with learning to include narration and offered some very good advice.  Professional media producer, Dean Reynolds gave an interesting presentation full of recommendations on process and equipment for enabling the inclusion of good quality narration.   Phil to forward a copy of Dean’s notes to all members present.
  • Phil confirmed that he Club had not entered the VAPS AV comps.  Liesel offered one work but it was agreed to leave it until next year when we would have more entries.  Phil could not enter as he was one of the judges.
  • Clive and Glenn showed their AVs from the previous meeting.  They were well received and created considerable discussion and questions.
  • The remainder of meeting centred on Audio and narration techniques. The free Audacity sound editing program was discussed and demonstrated.  Thanks to Clive and Glenn for their demonstrations of how to improve some aspects of sound quality.  There was lots of discussion and “something for everyone”.


February 24, 2016

Only a small number of members were available for this meeting.

  • Clive showed a clever AV about dogs and their antics.
  • Glenn showed an AV of some of his images from the club night at Docklands
  • We also enjoyed a video of Glenn’s travels down the Canning Stock Route in WA.
  • We discussed plans for the next meeting when the main subject will be sounds and narration


October 7, 2015

Liesel and Phil had attended the AV Enthusiasts of Victoria meeting on 4th October and updated the other members of the group on the day’s activities.

Methods and techniques for including narration in AVs was discussed and it was agreed that a group meeting be dedicated to this aspect of AV making.  The date is to be decided and will be advised.

The following AVs were shown and discussed:

  • Terracotta Warriors by Liesel Ingrassia
  • Walking on Ice by Pam Rixon
  • Images of the Cruise by Glenn Mills
  • Margaret Olley Art Centre by Phil Ryan
  • The Great Escape by Phil Ryan


June 17, 2015

The meeting discussed the AV Festival held at Melbourne CC and attended by Pam, Liesel and Phil.  It was agreed that it was a good day.  AV makers from various clubs in Victoria discussed the AV activities within their clubs.  Most agreed that they would like to see more regular interaction and sharing of AVs between Victorian AVers but there did not seem much enthusiasm for this from with our DCC group.

The new release of Proshow version 7 was discussed, in particular  what was being added and improved.  For those outside the 12 months maintenance period, the upgrade cost if about $100, which also covers any further upgrades in the next 12 months.  Whether the cost is of values is dependent on each person’s needs.

The members saw and discussed the following AVs

  • Autumn Tonings by Glen Mills
  • Springtime in Wales and Southern England by Pam Rixon
  • The Ethnic people off Sapa, Vietnam by Liesel Inghrassia
  • Stayin Alive by Phil Ryan


DCC Entries in VAPS Interclub AV Competitions

Open Competition

Street Art in Melbourne

Gulf Station

Melbourne City Scenes and Snippets



February 18, 2015

The meeting was attended by seven members.

  • Pam showed her new AV on the subject of Solitude/Isolation and it was very well received by the group. The images, many in monochrome showed individual environmental portraits in the city of Melbourne.
  • Following the Proshow workshop, a different method was shown for making a moving line on a map.  It use a small program that produces many individual images and can be converted into a video file.  Either can be incorporated into an AV to show a journey.
  • The Club’s entries in the VAPS interclub were discussed and a number were shown.
  • We then viewed 2 landscape-based AVs from overseas – on based in Scotland and the other in Iceland. They were used to demonstrate the big difference the selection of music style can have on an AV.
  • Phil show a new version of “An AV of a Tree”

The next meeting is planned for 17 July.

March 25, 2015 Proshow Workshop

Six members attended a half-day workshop that covered LAYERS, KEYFRAMING and MASKING

Both the theory and practice of these aspects of AV making were discussed. Proshow Producer was used as the software to demonstrate but the principles apply to other AV software.

It was agreed by most who attended that for the April meeting they would create a small AV that incorporates the features and functions discussed.

February 18, 2015

Seven members were present for the first meeting of the year, following the Club’s AV night in January.

The AV night was reviewed and a number of the AVs that had been shown were viewed again and discussed.

Two new AVs were presented – Liesel’s story of “Sapa’s Ethnic Minorities” and Phil’s “Scenes and Snippets of Melbourne”.

APS and VAPS news and competitions were discussed as was some technical matters relating to sound editing and video file formats.

It was agreed that a half day workshop would be held in March on the subjects of Layers, Masks and Keyframing in Proshow Producer.

A group challenge was raised, with mixed reception by some members.  It was agreed that those who wished would create a work on their interpretation of a piece of music that Clive would select and distribute.


December 10, 2014

Seven members attended the meeting, with apologies received from four members.

The evening commenced with the viewing of members’ AV creations:-

  • “Flowers and Dreamscapes” by Fred
  • “Street Art” by Liesel
  • “Feelings – A Trilogy” by Phil

Each was so different in format and presentation and this led to considerable discussions and “how did you do that? questions.  Plus some suggestions.

The group then discussed AVs that used a song as the basis and where images were used to illustrate the song. Two examples from external sources were used as the basis for the discussion.

The following were discussed or and decisions made:-

  1. The AVs to be included in next months AV night (from those present) were discussed
  2. It was agreed to revert to afternoon meetings as this was preferred to night time ones by some memebers and others did not have a preference
  3. It was agreed that next year we would hold additional meetings for those who wish to discuss and learn about the AV software.  Separate workshops would be held for Proshow, PicturesToExe and other systems where the numbers warranted it.
  4. When does supper start


September 3, 2014 meeting

Discussion subjects included:

  • The APS AV Worksop in Mildura
  • Melbourne Camera Club invitation – Charles Hulse from Adelaide
  • Camberwell Camera Club invitation – Jeff Morris from South Africa

Show and Tell and Comment comprised

  • Liesel’s final? version of “Venezia Serena”
  • Fred’s “Flowers”
  • Phils “The Clown” and a slide exploring the inclusion of video and animation effects
  • Examples of AVs from overseas


July 23, 2014 meeting

Ten members of the Group attended this meeting.


The group discussed:

  • The format and content of the AVs shown by our club meeting guest, Ron Speed
  • What to include and what to leave out of our AVs

Show and Tell

The following audio visuals were shown and discussed:

  • “Street Art” by Liesel Ingrassia
  • “Skies” (the updated version) by Clive Watt
  • “The Debutante” by Glen Mills
  • “Graffiti” by David Cooper

Group Challenge

We discussed either a group challenge subject and/or the possibility of a meet up to photograph an agreed location/subject as a basis for a group challenge, followed by coffee.  There was more interest in the coffee than a group challenge and it was agreed that members would continue to “do their own thing” for the time being.

Other items

A number of overseas AVs were shown to demonstrate specific aspects of AV making



May 2014 meeting

Ten members of the Group attended this meeting. The following audio visuals were shown and discussed:


Four members had completed the Challenge “An AV on Manningham” – Pam Rixon, Clive Watt, Phil Ryan and Marg Bold (with her first AV).  These were enjoyed by the group and again illustrated the different creative thinking that arises from a common theme.  


Liesel Ingrassia shared her “95% complete” work on Venice – using very effective monochrome images and an interesting narration that explained lots of history and information about the location.

Glenn Mills showed examples of his first venture into photo audio visuals after some years of video movie experience

AVs from outside the club were used as a basis for looking at music/image timing, and the use of time-lapse


March 2014 meeting

Seven members attended and the following were some of the items covered:

  • The Group has entered 4 AVs in the VAPS Inter-club Competition and results will be known at the Convention at the end of May
  • Details of the APS Folio and the APS AV Workshop in July were advised and discussed
  • Much discussion about the “standards” for photo AVs and the considerations whether they are for competition, sharing, personal challenge and enjoyment, etc.  The importance on suitable music was stressed.
  • Liesel showed her “work in progress” on Venice and sought suggestions on some aspects – which were freely given!. The group looks forward to the finished work.
  • The Group Challenge – Manningham in 10 photos – was discussed and Fred and Phil showed their work to date.  Finish date for all who accept the challenge is the next meeting (early May).
  • Fred showed a new contemporary work on Flowers and one on his high-altitude travel in India.  Both were enjoyed.
  • Two AVs from overseas were shown as a basis for discussion of the “Photo Harmony” concept – landscape images set to music without the traditional AV concept of beginning/middle/end theme.


February 2014 meeting

Ten members attended the first AV Group Meeting for 2014.  Matters discussed included:

  • Review of the showing of the 9 AVs at the club meeting in January
  • Whether DCC should participate in the VAPS Inter-club AV Competition in May (entries due in March).  It was agreed that it would be good if the club was represented.
  • Exploration of each member’s plans and targets for their AV work in 2014.
  • The content/structure of AV Group meeting – it was agreed to focus on (a) sharing and critiquing each others work, (b) techniques and software uses (c) Viewing and discussing overseas AVs.
  • Agreement to hold meetings at night instead of during the day.  Meetings to be held each 6 weeks (or thereabouts).
  • Agreement to have a Group Challenge – on the subject of “Manningham” and to be limited to 10 photos.  Target date for completion of the AVs is the May meeting

A number of the AVs from the January AV night, were viewed, enjoyed and discussed – prior to a bountiful supper.



November 2013 Meeting

Seven member attended, with five apologies.

The group discussed:

  • Follow up on last meeting’s presentation on the use of masks
  • The plans for the next group challenge, which will be held early next year
  • Plans for workshop meetings to show how to create specific AV features
  • Hand-in date for the club’s AV night at the January meeting
  • Clive showed his new Roland sound recorder and explained some of the impressive capabilities
  • The pros and cons of various AV software programs

Some AVs were then viewed and discussed:

  • Liesel showed the value of narration in her new AV “The Greeks in Sicily”
  • Clive demonstrated what can be achieved in a day of so in his work in progress “Travelling in the High End”
  • Phil made the group look at his “Old Mill” story, which may now be finished (but maybe not!)
  • An AV of the club’s recent Portrait Night was shown – see above


September 2013 Meeting

Seven members of the group attended, including David C for his first meeting.

Subjects covered during an enjoyable afternoon included:

  • Liesel showed her new work “Voyage on the Yangtze”.  Very enjoyable viewing at the right pace for the subject supported by most appropriate sound track
  • David showed his AV on “Letter boxes of  Wilmott, Tasmania”  So many letterbox creations and great to see David’s first sharing!
  • Phil Ryan showed his “work in progress” which tried to create a haunted theme using photos from Smeaton’s Mill in Victoria.  Now he just needs an ending!
  • A technique for creating a line moving along a road on a map was explained and discussed
  • The theory and practice of using masks in Proshow was demonstrated and discussed.  The practical use of masking will be expanded on in a future meeting


April 2013 Meeting

A small number (6 members) attended this meeting and subjects discussed included:

(a)  A continued look at the use of music and other sounds in the AVs.  Options for live recordings, extracting sound from video files were covered.

(b)  A viewing of AVs –

Fred B asked for (and received) critique on 2 new works created from his converted slide and print files.  One AV was on portraits and the other on landscapes and displayed quite different approaches to presentation.

Two overseas AVs on Tuscany were used to show how different ways that the same subject can be presented

Phil R showed two AVS – a slow one on a morning at at beach and one about the recent club outing to the Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally

(c)  An introductory overview of PicturesToExe as an alternative to Proshow was provided

An example of an AV from the group…………


March 2013 Meeting

It is so great to see the real improvement in the quality of the AV work in the time the group has been operating. New AVs shown this meeting were:

  • “A Day in Milano” by Liesel Ingrassia
  • “Changes” by Liz Watt
  • “Yosemite” by Pam Rixon

A number of the group attended an AV Workshop at Melbourne Camera Club on 3rd March, during which the quality of the audio aspects of AV creation was discussed.  Following on from this Clive Watt developed and presented to our group meeting a great introduction to the Audacity sound editing software . Clive presented an AV that showed the use of audio and how to obtain and set-up the free Audacity system. He then demonstrated how to add and edit/enhance multi track sound options.  Whilst there was a lot of information to absorb, Clive provided hand-outs and web links so that each member could explore the opportunities provided by Audacity.

Thank you Clive!


Clive explains sound editing software

Some of the group understanding what Clive said!























February 2013 Meeting

Items discussed included…..

  • Review of the Club’s January AV night
  • The small response to the offer of “newbies” training sessions to get interested members started in the world of AV
  • The agreement that the club should enter the AV section of the VAPS Interclub competition
  • The MCC’s AV audio workshop to be held on 3 March and those planning to attend
  • The group’s plans for its second year of operation
Avs shown were….
  • “Puppies” and “Wind and Water” by Clive
  • “Galaxy 8” by Fred
  • “A view of Hill End” and “Steps and Stairs” by Phil
The group agreed that each member work on the theme “Change” for the next meeting in six week’s time.
As suggested by Pam we should also work towards adding narration/voice over to our AVs instead of just music.


December 2012 Meeting

The group viewed and discussed some AVs that were being prepared for the January club AV night.

Here is an example – and a promotion for the Club’s Urban Landscape Group……….

You can change the size and quality (bottom right corner) if you wish to.


November 2012 Meeting

What a great meeting the group enjoyed. The “set subject” was an AV based on MC2 – Manningham City Square.

Seven audio visuals presented such varied interpretations on the theme. From Pam’s clever use of Albert Einstein (and the other Albert), to Ian’s designer-inspired graphics, to Clive’s the beat goes on, to Fred’s Circling the Square, Franne’s musical presentation and others.

This was a very good example how one static subject can provide inspiration for such a wide range of audio visual works.

October 2012 Meeting

The group welcomed Fred and John to their first meeting of the group. In a packed program, the group discussed many subjects including progress since the group was formed, where we were heading and what each person hoped to get out of the group activities.

A number of overseas and local AVs were viewed to demonstrate some good AV principles and ideas.

We were treated to some new works by members:

  • Negative Melbourne
  • Prague
  • Abstraction
  • A day on the Pieman

The group agreed that the next challenge should be for each person to make an AV on their interpretation of a set subject.  Maximum time is to be 3 min 21 secs for the AVs and the progress will be revealed at the next meeting.  It was also agreed that we should plan to create a joint effort work that may be suitable as a club entry in the next VAPS comp in May 2013.

Selected AVs from the members’ creations will be included as part of the next club meeting, which is on the subject of AV making.

August 2012 Meeting

The challenge for this meeting was to produce a completed or incomplete short work considered to be “abstract or arty”.  This provided plenty of room for interpretation.

Some group members avoided the challenge by leaving the country temporarily, another by breaking a wrist!  Those member who were available and able bodied were treated to an inspiring body of works, including

  • Bodie USA
  • Flower Meditation
  • Bearly Art
  • Trains flying over Templestowe
  • Plus a re-run of that wooden spoon that suffered burn out!

July 2012 Meeting

The task for his meeting was to produce an “open” work and the group was entertained by:

The sites of San Francisco by Pam R. – from her recent vist

Ocean Scenes by Liz W. – great collection if images of the sea and appropriate soundtract

The Wooden Spoon by Clive W  (a very intriguing and inventive piece with many, many shots and key frames!)

Venus Passing the Sun by Phil R. – a partly abstract piece based on a sculpture in Brsibane

That’s Melbourne by Lisa I. – Views of Melbourne that will soon be used to show Melbourne to friends and relatives in Italy and England



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