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New Member Welcome

Welcome to the Doncaster Camera Club (DCC) – it’s great to have you with us.  

We hope that you will enjoy being part of our club.

The main purpose of the club is to help you enjoy your hobby and to grow and develop your photographic skills.  Every member will respect your reason for joining the club, even if it is only to seek the company of like-minded people.  There is no pressure for you to take part in competitions, or any club activities that do not appeal to you.  Experienced club members will be delighted to help you improve your photographic knowledge and skills in any way they can.

Club meetings take place on the third Friday of every month.

The Club’s Committee handles the Club’s day-to-day business. The Secretary informs members of decisions and items of interest during the Club meetings.

If the President or Secretary should mention something you don’t quite understand or if there is something that you wish to raise, then the meeting is the place to do it.  On the other hand, you can always chat to a Committee member separately.  You can be sure that they will want to help.


Important information for new Members:

We recommend that you become familiar with aspects of your new club by reading the following important information on this website about the club and its activities:

For those who are new to photography, or would like a refresher, it is strongly suggested that you read the document linked below on the Fundamentals of Photography. It was created by professional photographer Nick Rains who lives in Brisbane. It is also well worthwhile having a visit to Rick’s website for more information and inspiration…..

Rick has given us permission to show the following, which is normally charged for as a E-book

Fundamentals of Photography … here


There is a lot of other information and images on this website and it is hoped that you will enjoy looking at all of it over time.

Once again, Welcome to Doncaster Camera Club!

Ean Caldwell, President and Pam Rixon, Secretary

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