2018 End of year “Images of the Year” competitions

Our Competition Steward, Arthur Lilley, once again prepared and presented the end of year comps and the winners’ certificates and trophies at our December 2018 meeting.

The winning images are shown on the Left of the Home Page and below are copies of the winners’ certificates.

Thanks, Arthur.  You efforts are appreciated by the members!

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2018 Monochrome Competitions

These are the top scores in the 2018 Monochrome Completions and the Kay Mack Perpetual Trophy for the best image. Judged by John Conway of the Geelong Camera Club.

See some of the winning entries on the left side of the Home Page


Rixon Pam Archway to the Sea Open Print 90
Rixon Pam Dunedin Railway Station Open Print 90
Rixon Pam Walking in the Snow Projected Image 90
Walton Margaret Deadvlei Photographer Projected Image 90
Wilson Kevin Reflections Projected Image 85
Armstrong Les Cascades Open Print 85
Mitchell Judy Compelling Face Open Print 85
Mitchell Judy Lines Open Print 85
Mitchell Judy Majestic Small Print 85
Rixon Pam Camp Projected Image 85
Rixon Pam Viva Cuba Projected Image 85
Rixon Pam Point King Projected Image 85
Armstrong Les Beautiful Rose Open Print 80
Armstrong Les Patterns Projected Image 80
Armstrong Val Sleeping Beauty Open Print 80
Dunn Judy Taemas Bridge over the Murrumbidgee River Small Print 80
Mills Glenn Iron Horse Projected Image 80
Mitchell Judy On Top of the World Small Print 80
Ryan Phil Moby Dick Heads to Sea Open Print 80
Walton Margaret Icy Road Projected Image 80

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Rhododendron Gardens- Photos

A few images from the outing to the gardens are on the “Club Outings” menu item – including a striking shot of those who attended.

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Club Outing to Werribee Zoo

See the following details about the outing on 20th October. Click to enlarge the image.

Pam is taking the bookings, so let her know that you will be joining the group.

Werribee Zoo Outing

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Next Club Outing – Dandenongs – 12 October

The next club outing is to the Rhododendron Gardens at the Dandenongs.

Let Pam know if you will be attending. 

Rhododendron Gardens

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Pam Rixon “most succssful”

Pam as today be awarded “the most successful exhibitor” at this year’s Pakenham National Competition.  Congratulations, Pam!

The exhibition is at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard, Pakenham and continues until 3pm tomorrow (Sunday, 9 September).

Pam at Packenham - photo by  Marg Walton

Pam at Packenham – photo by Marg Walton


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Camberwell Camera Club – AV Presentation

An AV Masterclass with Howard Bagshaw, ARPS MPAGB

Monday 10th September at 7.30pm, Rutherford Room

St John’s, 522 Burke Road, Camberwell

CCCub have said………..

We have been extremely fortunate that Howard Bagshaw has produced for us an evening of his work.  As you are probably aware, Howard is a highly regarded photographer.  He started making AVs after he retired and is currently chairman of the AV section of the Royal Photographic Society.  He wins international gold medals for his work.  He also spends a lot of his time helping and instructing audio-visual makers.  It has taken a few months and a fair bit of e-mail traffic to get to this point.  He has taken great care and has clearly spent a lot of time producing this program.

The work he has sent to us includes ten AVs and an introduction to each one.  There is a range of complexity.  He deals with different techniques and demonstrates these.  He gives special emphasis to the interaction between sound and the image sequence.  He also deals with the vexed issue of archive photographs and demonstrates the use of video in AVs.  Howard’s images are excellent, he tells a very good story and produces top-class audio-visuals.  He is not laying down any laws; the description ‘masterclass’ is mine.  He is simply showing us what he does.

I hope you will be able to come.  Please pass this information on to any other members of your club who might be interested.

Wal Close”

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Next AV Group Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday, 19 September.

Time to review the members’ winter activities and to consider creations for the next club AV night, which leads to the VAPS competitions.

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Presentation-Adrian Donoghue

Adrian is participating at a special Warragul Camera club event –


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Glenn Mills wins prize in Audio Visuals comp at VAPS

Congratulations to Glenn Mills who achieved second place in the VAPS 321 Audio Visual competition as announced at the conference last weekend.  The 321 comp is for productions of up to 3 minutes 21 seconds.  The work by Glenn was the first of his that has been entered by DCC in the VAPS comps.

Glenn’s AV is about the Canning Stock Route. Some may have seen the production at the club’s AV night in January.  For those who did not and those who wish to enjoy it again the following is a link to it.

Link: “Canning Muse in Verse”

Canning Muse In Verse by G Mills-2


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